On Obstacles


So I guess this is the first part to the upcoming India travel blogs.

I usually solo travel, meeting people along the way but this time I’m collaborating with a photographer (who also happens to be a childhood friend and now boyfriend). He’s called JJ and has done some amazing shoots around the North of England so I’m very excited to see what he’ll capture out in India.

We’re pretty good at going with the flow and taking things as they come but stress is rising as we face various obstacles to the upcoming trip. JJ has to go to Birmingham 3 days before we fly out to try and amend his journalist visa, he has 2 weeks to write a dissertation and less than that to find someone to sublet his room.

My back has gone KAPUT and the only time it is not in pain is when I lie flat on the floor which would be fine if I had time to lie around on the floor. As it happens I have 4 days to pack up a lifetime of stuff (why do we hold on to so much STUFF anyway?! Queue lesson in letting go). Everything has to be gotten rid of or packed up  as the house I’m in now will be gone by the time I’m back.

Practicing for my yoga teacher training has had to be put on hold due to the pesky back pain and I won’t go into all the other obstacles because I should probably be sorting out said obstacles instead of wittering on about them on here.

But hey, that’s life right? Things rarely go as smoothly as we’d like and hopefully if we just breathe our way through these next two weeks then everything will fit into place. It’s always a bit of a mad rush trying to tie up loose ends and get ready for a big adventure.

I write so much about the excitement and beauty of travel that this is just a quick post to keep it real and remind myself that before getting up to the top of a mountain to admire that breath taking view there’s usually an uphill struggle.


Coz soon enough we’ll be dancing our way about the place like at this party in a castle last summer. Now, breeeeeeeeathe, self please!