Announcement for the Next Big Adventure!


I have something very exciting planned for the early months of 2017.

I am super excited to announce that early next year Coeliac On The Road is taking a trip to INDIA!

WATCH this space because I’m travelling with a very talented photographer (Hogg Photography) so some creative collaboration is already underway for our big trip.


This year has been very challenging due to some personal struggles within my own head following a traumatic experience. I wasn’t expecting to be getting on the road again quite so soon after returning home to be around close family and friends.

But life can throw some unexpected twists and turns and so in February, I will be embarking on my first big trip with someone rather than solo…falling in love has added a whole new dynamic to the idea of travel and I’m excited to see what it’s like sharing such an adventure with another person by my side.


The pic below is a snap taken by a friend in Réunion Island last year celebrating Diwali, there are a lot of Hindu people living in Réunion Island from Indian descent and so I started to learn about Hinduism, traditional Indian food and spent a peaceful time at a local Ashram, meditating and listening to devotional singing as well as getting to meet Amma, a much loved Hindu spiritual leader.

Yoga and meditation have helped me get through alot and I am so happy to have the chance to go to India where many of these practices originate from. I’m even hoping to do a yoga teacher training course to deepen my own practice.


If you have any advice or recommendations for a gluten free traveler in India then please let me know 🙂


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