Here and There

Leaping into the sky by Jasmine Irving

Above is a photo I took after carving a picture into a piece of clear plastic and holding it up to the sky.

Below is a poem I wrote on how it is to be split between places, carrying an insatiable wanderlust.

Here and There

In between places
Various lists lie scattered
Pockets are full of lost things
Hopeful scribbles and silver rings
With teardrop gemstones in
Turquoise, purple, green and red.

Different houses host bags full
Of jumbled up stories, old clothes,
Worn out shoes and a photo or two.

Stuffed into an overflowing cupboard
Is a crumpled empty back pack
It smells of distant places
Bearing the wear and tear of
That which has been thrown onto
Trucks, trains, bicycles and airplanes
Alongside it’s wandering owner
Whose split between places
neither here nor there
Yet always


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