Top 5 for Gluten Free in Newcastle


The North East of England is a unique place well worth a visit. I grew up here and was surprised when I moved down south to Cornwall to discover that so many people had never explored further upcountry than Leeds or even London.

With stunning coastal walks, the wild Northumberland country side and an urban landscape rich in culture with some of the most friendly people you will ever meet – who wouldn’t want to venture up north for a visit?!

Having been away traveling for so long, I was even happier coming home to find out that Newcastle has some fantastic places to eat gluten free. I made a list of my top 5.

The Sky Apple Café


I’ve loved this place since it first opened in 2002. The food is delicious with both a daytime and evening menu. There’s even a deli next door for quick take-away food, including gluten free sandwiches and wraps. There’s vegan options and everything is vegetarian, the café itself has a calming atmosphere and it’s an all-round lovely place to be.



Near the quayside in the Ouseburn valley, this artsy bar/café offers various gluten free food on the menu including delicious GF flatbreads which are basically big pizzas with a variety of toppings. My favourite is the wild mushroom and garlic. There’s also a variety of cultural and social events on offer such as Tango dance classes and local music.

The Naked Deli


This place is perfect for gluten-free and all round super healthy food. There’s a selection of freshly made juices and smoothies on offer every day, with big breakfasts including GF pancakes and full English with grass-fed meats or a veggie option. They also do nutritious GF dairy-free raw cakes.

Tea Sutra


This independent specialty teahouse offers a relaxing place in the centre of town with teas from around the world. Lunch is usually gluten free and vegan at a good price. Definitely worth a visit.

Bar Loco


This international, colourful bar/ café in the centre of town is a great place to wind down and soak up some good vibes. Really friendly staff and an open welcoming atmosphere with quirky decor. I enjoyed a tastey gluten free pasta dish here with friends before a live music event.


Here and There

Leaping into the sky by Jasmine Irving

Above is a photo I took after carving a picture into a piece of clear plastic and holding it up to the sky.

Below is a poem I wrote on how it is to be split between places, carrying an insatiable wanderlust.

Here and There

In between places
Various lists lie scattered
Pockets are full of lost things
Hopeful scribbles and silver rings
With teardrop gemstones in
Turquoise, purple, green and red.

Different houses host bags full
Of jumbled up stories, old clothes,
Worn out shoes and a photo or two.

Stuffed into an overflowing cupboard
Is a crumpled empty back pack
It smells of distant places
Bearing the wear and tear of
That which has been thrown onto
Trucks, trains, bicycles and airplanes
Alongside it’s wandering owner
Whose split between places
neither here nor there
Yet always