A Soirée in the mountains

The language centre, Kosez, where I do a bit of extra teaching organised a team trip out to the mountains this weekend. Daniela, who set up the school and cultural centre out here in La Réunion is also a vegetarian and gluten free.

We hiked up the rocky path for a couple of hours to get to “Chez Valmyr”, a rustic bed and breakfast / hostel in Dimitile, Entre-Deux. Valmyr and his team were so accommodating and amazing hosts. Not only did our group and other hikers alike have hot drinks and an aperitif on arrival but also a band playing live music, space for dancing and a delicious evening meal.

When I explained about cross-contamination with the same oil being used, Valmyr happily asked the kitchen staff to prepare me my very own fried aubergine made in new oil (instead of the battered pork bites that the meat eaters were having.) They made a vegetable and potato dish with local herbs with rice and beans for the vegetarians and for pudding we had baked bananas on the open fire, soaked in rhum and coated in chocolate. Yum!

The rain was relentless as a tropical storm was headed so in the morning they even drove us down the mountain in four by fours to avoid any risks hiking in bad weather conditions. Before we left, a hot chocolate by the fire with the sound of rain hitting the tin roof made a welcome change from the humid heat of my beach side apartment. We even had to wear socks and wrap up in blankets, for the first time in a long time!

Once again, a gluten-free success to add to my growing list of adventures : )


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