GF veggie burgers and mash


Arrived home this evening, after a day on an organic farm, feeling absolutely in love with the land here in Réunion island but also a bit homesick. So, I put together a bit of a mix of a meal from what I could find in my cupboards here to remind me of home.

These burgers are kind of like savory pancakes. I had some leftover cooked buckwheat (from a salad I’d made yesterday with roast pumpkin). I mixed the buckwheat up in a bowl with farine de manioc which is kind of like tapioca flour, you can use any type of GF flour to make this recipe work, then I put in an egg, chopped onion, garlic and some spices (mustard seed, cumin, turmeric) and of course salt and pepper. Next I just fried it all up in some olive oil and voila, we have a makeshift burger!

I served it up with broccoli (gotta get your greens in!), and mashed potato – the ultimate comfort food from home.


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