A New Year’s Conscious Celebration

The New Year is a great opportunity to reflect and set intentions. I’ve put together a few ideas to give thanks and review the past year as well as set intentions for the New Year to come.

Before beginning, it’s always nice to clear the space, de-clutter and clean up a bit. I usually like to light a candle and some incense and set up a comfortable space to sit in.

I always begin with a short meditation to come into the space. I focus on my breathing, and relax my body and ground myself into the earth, visualizing roots coming down from my body into the ground below.

Now for the New Year’s ritual:

Review the year: What did you learn? What was challenging? What were your proudest moments? Write down a list of the year’s top highlights. This can be the good parts, the messy parts, the difficult bits that made you come out stronger. Give thanks for all.

On a separate piece of paper list some things that you want to leave behind in the old year, such as any negative habits or behavior. In a way that feels right to you, let go of these things, some ideas are to burn the paper, rip it up or bury it.

Set intentions for the new year: Now that you have said goodbye to last year, you can start setting conscious intentions for the new year ahead. Write intentions on different pieces of paper, for each intention/goal, think about how you hope that this will make you feel. For example “I intend to push my comfort zone and do at least one thing that scares me a week. I hope that this will make me feel more confident, adventurous and happy.”

Once you have written all your intentions and the corresponding feelings, bundle them all up together, whether in a box or wrapped up tied with a ribbon. Hold them in your hands and feel them. Meditate on what this new year means to you, what you hope it will look like and how you hope to grow. When you feel settled with your intentions keep them in a safe place where they can be referred to over the coming year.

Now you’re ready to do whatever it is you want to do to celebrate the potential that this New Year has to offer and to celebrate all that has come before with love and gratitude : )

© Jasmine Irving

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