Mexican Street Food in London


My travels have taken me back to the UK this summer where I’m totally in awe of the bright city lights in London after 9 months spent on a small island in the Indian Ocean.

Last week, we’d just been to see a dance performance at the London Coliseum by Leicester Square and our bellies were growling to be fed. However the thought of going out to eat made me feel stressed. When travelling in places where the seriousness of gluten cross-contamination is still relatively unknown, eating out can be more of a chore than a treat.

I couldn’t be bothered to explain all the needs of a coeliac diner and just wanted to eat without being paranoid about the food.

So, we ended up at Wahaca, a restaurant specializing in Mexican street food. To my pleasant surprise and absolute delight, they not only had an entire separate gluten free menu but also a whole load of text reassuring coeliac customers that Wahaca understand the special requirements of a strict gluten free diet and  take it very seriously.

I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, finally I could just enjoy eating out without having to worry or explain again and again about how my food should be prepared! So, I let the waitress know that I’m coeliac and she made a note of it for all the chefs to be aware. The food itself was absolutely delicious and I came out of the restaurant buzzing with happiness.

It means so much to be considered when eating out and to have our needs catered for. Coming back to the UK after a year abroad, I’m impressed with the level of awareness there seems to be here about gluten free eating.

Thanks Wahaca!


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