Fresh Juice at The Beach

Here in Réunion island the sun is always shining and the beach is a perfect place to sleep beneath the stars. Last weekend I awoke to the sound of waves crashing and the tempting smell of crepes was wafting across the beach. I looked on longingly as all my friends scoffed down their pancakey breakfast.

Then I saw this fruit cocktail stall with fresh juices and smoothies! What’s more they had spirilina, ginger and superfoods to add to the mix. There was also a coconut milk and avocado juice. Now THAT’s what I call a good start to the day, who needs pancakes anyway?! Being a coeliac on the road, it’s the little things which make my day and knowing I can have a healthy gluten free breakfast after a night of camping is a good feeling. Cheers.

IMG_0259 IMG_0260