Women’s Solo Travel: Less Than Dangerous and More Than Self-Discovery

Belle Jar

Being a woman travelling solo sets off alarm bells which remain silent for our male travelling counterparts. I’ve heard “But you can’t backpack alone as a woman, it’s dangerous!”, “Be careful, you might get hurt” or “Wouldn’t it be better to take a friend?” My brothers been all over the world alone and no one questioned his choice or safety.

It’s great that people care. I am fully aware of the different dangers facing women than men, and yes I know the long list of things I’m supposed to do to not get raped (which by the way in many situations do not prevent the crime from happening and ignore the fact that 2/3 rapes are committed by someone known to the victim and 38% of rapists are a friend). Statistically I’m more likely to suffer violence against women from someone I know, than from a stranger in another…

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