A Note to My 14 Year Old Self

Belle Jar


You don’t have to be anyone other than who you are and YOU get to decide who that is.

In essence, stripped bare, you are an expression of love and divinity, as is the ant that tickles your toes, earth that kisses your feet and thunder that rumbles through the sky. All is one and one is all. Everything you read in Cosmo magazine is there to distract you from this simple truth. The glossy photos are tampered with to make you feel insecure so they can make a financial profit from you, which is just plain mean. It would be more useful thrown in the fire so you can sit around the glow and toast your bones with a friend or five, or alone if that’s the mood you’re in. These are the moments that will be remembered.

Please don’t spend so much time resenting your flat chest…

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