Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery, London

Outisde Romeo's on Upper Street
Outisde Romeo’s on Upper Street

This unique place is really easy to find, it’s on Upper Street, in between Highbury and Islington station and Angel station. I have never been so spoilt for choice before, what a welcome novelty it is to have an entire menu which is safe for coeliacs! For the first time since being gluten free I was “erm”-ing and “ah”-ing trying to decide what to order.

This bakery provided me with my first ever gluten free scone since diagnosis. With the vintage plates and cups and saucers, I felt a warming sense of inclusion where I’ve previously felt left out. It seems like a small thing, eating a scone with tea, but having never been anywhere that provides gluten free scones, I really appreciated this moment. What’s more, because the whole bakery is gluten free, I wasn’t panicking about problems with potential risk of wheat flour getting into the baked goods via cross contamination, which is a problem often faced elsewhere.

My first scone since diagnosis!
My first scone since diagnosis!

Romeo’s offers breakfast, lunch and treats with tea, as well as the option to eat in or take away and to buy loaves of freshly made bread. I was particularly impressed with the bread, there’s sundried tomato, olive bread, plain and more. Most gluten free folk are used to bread crumbling to pieces but the loaf I got form here made perfect slices and stayed together. It also tasted more like normal bread than I’ve ever experienced before. Before visiting Romeo’s I thought I’d more or less given up on gluten free bread but I really enjoyed having beans on toast for breakfast with this loaf.

Romeo's fantastic gluten free bread
Romeo’s fantastic gluten free bread

If you’re in London I would highly recommend visiting this place, the staff are enthusiastic and friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming with a homely feel. You can visit their website here.

A selection of cakes
A selection of cakes
My friend Dora is very happy with her delicious gluten free banana cake
My friend Dora is very happy with her delicious gluten free banana cake

2 thoughts on “Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery, London

  1. This looks ace! Islington is great for gluten-free food generally – have you been to Stringray’s? If you fancy an amazing gf pizza that tastes as good as gluten-full then that’s the place!
    Fancy a scone now 🙂 Best wishes, Emma x

    1. Hi Emma, thanks for the heads up I haven’t tried there yet – I did speak to them a few months ago and they said the pizzas weren’t suitable for coeliacs but that the pasta was so I’m hoping to visit sometime!

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