Festival Survival Guide

Boomtown 2013
Boomtown 2013

Being Coeliac doesn’t mean that we have to miss out on all the fun. I survived two festivals in my first year of being gluten free and had the best time ever without going hungry.

Here’s how.

Step one:

BE PREPARED! Spontaneity might sometimes be the spice of life but it has to go out the window when it comes to planning for any trips away being gluten free.

Have a good think about exactly what you’ll need for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Take a gas stove and pan if your serious about getting some good meals in. Or failing that take some free from snacks and rolls to keep you going. Also fruit, carrot sticks and hummus, packed lunch type things are good, take a cooler box if your worried about food going funny in a hot tent. (Although being in the UK this shouldn’t be an issue, ha)

The night before Boomtown I was busy baking a small loaf of gf bread to take which I carried in an air tight Tupperware to make sure it’d last for the weekend. I also took a jar of peanut butter to smother on it.

Step two:

TAKE LOADS OF SNACK BARS! They fill the gap whenever the tummy starts growling.

My favourite are (and well there, er kind of the only options so I’m sure their your favourite too):

Nutty goodness
Nutty goodness


Nothing bad in these whatsoever, and they are tastey, yay!
Nothing bad in these whatsoever, and they are tastey, yay!

ALSO packets of dried fruit, nuts, seeds etc. Popcorn, Kettle chips, gf tortilla chips.

Step three:

TAKE SOME SPARE CASH either to treat yourself to a meal there or as emergencies in case your own supplies don’t fill you up. Most fests do gluten-free chips or jacket potatoes at the very least. Just have a scout around and ask different stalls what they can do for you.

Step four:

DON’T GET DRUNK AND EAT PIZZA BECAUSE IT SMELLS NICE, I can safely say I’ve never actually done this but I can imagine it could be tempting, especially at a festival.

Step five:

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, HAVE FUN! That’s what your there for! (And keep hydrated 😉

Sunrise 2013
Sunrise 2013
Boomtown 2013
Boomtown 2013

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