BBQ Salmon

When it comes to meal times on trips away with friends, being coeliac can make you feel like the odd one out or a nuisance but the fact is eating gluten free really doesn’t have to be a big deal and there are plenty of delicious meals you can make for everyone to enjoy.

A few weeks ago I went camping with friends and instead of their gluteny burgers for dinner, I had BBQ’d Salmon which was yummy (and much more nutritious!)


So all I did was keep the salmon in the little tray it was given to me in at the fishmongers, or failing that use tin foil. Added some lemon juice, sliced lemon, sesame oil, garlic cloves and chopped shallots, as well as parsley and then popped it on the BBQ for about 15 mins until it looked ready to eat.

We all shared nibbles, kettle chips with hummus, olives, mixed salad. If I’m going on a trip or camping, I usually just make sure I’m prepared for meals and that the people I’m with are aware of the little things that make a big difference, like not using the same knife for bread in the shared hummus etc. This way I can be sure to enjoy a care free holiday by the sea.


Treen Farm campsite, Cornwall
Treen Farm campsite, Cornwall