Gluten + Lactose Free Banana Cake


My mum and I were doing some experimenting with gluten/dairy free baking and came up with this, we had no idea how it would turn out but the consensus was that it is absolutely delicious (and even all the gluten eaters preferred it to their usual cakes – score!)

So, You will need:

200g gluten free white flour mix
100g ground almonds
100g coconut flour
100g goats butter
2 heaped teaspoons of gluten free baking powder
100g muscovado sugar
5 too ripe bananas
vanilla essence
3 free range eggs

For topping:
A bar of dark chocolate
50g goats butter
100g icing sugar

-Pre-heat fan oven to 160 degrees or gas mark 5

-Peel bananas and put them in a bowl, mush them up with a cap of vanilla essence and the sugar. Then add three eggs and mix it all up.

-In a separate bowl put together both of the flours, the ground almonds, baking powder and butter. Mix the butter in until the mixture resembles a similar consistency as a bowl of bread crumbs.


-Next add the banana mixture into the flour bowl and whisk it all up thoroughly (with a smile!)


-Now you are ready to put it all in a cake tin (20 cm works well), pop it in the oven for about 40 mins, check on it and take out of the oven when its firm and golden brown on top. Leave to cool.


-Put the chocolate in a glass bowl, which sits in a pan of boiling water and wait for it to melt. When its melted add the butter until they are both melted. Add icing sugar and beat or whisk thoroughly until its all smooth. Then pour on top of the cake and your ready to go!



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