Zizzi Ristorante


Usually I’m all about eating out at local independent cafes and restaurants rather than chains but sometimes it’s just a weight off your shoulders to know the place you are eating at has got you covered when there’s food issues to be navigated around. I guess it’s just a failsafe option wherever you are in the UK. I’d heard that Zizzi have an allergen menu which clearly tells you all the things you can and can’t eat whatever you’re avoiding, so my friends and I went here to celebrate end of year results (results were really good by the way!) The waiter was clued up about everything the minute I said the word ‘Coeliac’ and it was just good to be out for a meal without feeling like a complete and utter pain or the odd one out. Also the Zizzi in Falmouth has beautiful views of the harbour.

So I treated myself to a 3 course meal and was very impressed with the food and service, this face pretty much sums up the experience, here I am lost in my own little world of “OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS DELICIOUS!”



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