Fish and Salad


I was invited to my friend’s ‘bring a dish’ dinner at her house and was over the moon to see that there were plenty of gluten free foods to share, as well as salads with goats cheese instead of dairy – I couldn’t believe my luck!

My plate had:
-Grilled fish from the local fishmongers, marinated with olive oil, crushed garlic and herbs
-Chickpea, roasted pepper and goats cheese salad
-Roasted sweet potato, garlic and spinach salad
-New potato salad
-Green leaf salad with olives, feta and beans

Then I baked a gluten free lemon cake for pudding, it went down a treat and nobody could tell the difference.

(The recipe is really easy, it’s just 2 eggs, 150 grams gluten free flour. 1 teaspoon gluten free baking powder, 110g butter or dairy free spread, 110 grams caster sugar and one freshly squeezed lemon, all mixed together in a bowl with an electric whisk and baked in a preheated oven gas mark 4 for about 35 mins.)

Food intolerances don’t need to get in the way of having a good dinner party. Take that gluten!


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