Gluten-Free Brunch

For a lazy Sunday, here’s a healthier alternative to the standard English breakfast. Rich in protein.


So, first things first I had half a teaspoon of Glutamine 1/2 hour before eating (helps with repair to damaged gut, good for coeliacs recovering from eating gluten before diagnosis)

Next I fried onions, green peppers, garlic, mushrooms and left over boiled new potatoes from the night before. I added ground coriander, ground cumin and turmeric powder. Next, I put in some ready to eat green lentils and heated them up in the mix. Lentils are good protein and give slow releasing energy so a great start to the day, and they lower cholesterol levels as well as being good for digestive health.

Whilst this was all cooking, I heated some baked beans and made scrambled eggs. Served it all up on a plate with sliced cucumber and sprinkled over the top of the brunch sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and roasted pine nuts. Sunflower seeds are high in energy and also a good source of protein as well as being a good source of folic acid. Pine nuts are a source of Vitamin E.

I would have had green leaves with this also if I had any but I ate them all for lunch yesterday!

Banana for pudding, and a glass of orange juice for vitamin C along with a big mug of rooibos tea (a naturally caffeine free tea, I have mine with goats milk as its easier to digest than cows and with a teaspoon of honey to sweeten)

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