BBQ skewers


The sun is starting to shine again and its that time of year to whack out the BBQ’s for lazy days at the beach (when all essays are completed of course…or kind of started that is, you know with the title written)

The first time I was invited to a big BBQ I felt really left out, all the burgers and sausages (vegetarian and meat) that were being cooked had gluten in so even if I’d brought my own food there was no room on the BBQ for a gluten free section. And of course everyone was filling bread rolls full of salad, I winced as I watched hands and cutlery go from bread to salad bowl to bread, crumbs EVERYWHERE, meaning even the salad was a no go! But this time round I grabbed my friends Olivia and Danny who lived with me when I was diagnosed so are well trained in accommodating my gluten free needs and we got the BBQ going as I learnt gluten free BBQ’s are just as good.

I’ve never had prawns before, they freak me out and I can’t stop thinking about the cute little prawn in ‘A shark’s Tale’ begging not to be eaten. But I was persuaded to give ’em a go and I have to admit, they were kind of tasty (sorry prawns). We marinaded them – lime juice in a little bowl with grated ginger root, crushed garlic and finely cut chilli.

But I felt much more comfortable with some trusty vegetables which didn’t have a weird looking spine thing and eyes. So we made plenty of vegetable skewers, marinaded in sesame oil, salt, lemon juice and honey.

Also we put some tin foil on the BBQ and cooked up some tuna steak. splash on some Tamari gluten free soy sauce, sprinkle a little handful of chopped spring onions and lime juice, sesame oil and garlic make for pretty good accompaniments too.

All this along with some olives to snack on, a fresh salad and a bag of popcorn made for a very filling picnic.



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