Veg spaghetti and sauce

A lot of people have recommended going grain free to repair the gut. This was my first experiment with a grain free, gluten free and dairy free recipe.


Fresh greens or curly kale
Plum tomatoes
Pumpkin seeds

Add or take away any veg you like, its all down to personal preference.

Chop up the onions and fry in olive oil. Add chopped pepper and plum tomatoes. Next comes the mushrooms and once this has all been stirred and cooked for a bit and the veg is nice and soft, add passata. Add in some crushed garlic (I find adding it at the end gives more flavour but if you prefer, add it in at the beginning with the onions). Add herbs. Bring to the boil and let it simmer for about ten/fifteen mins. Chuck in some butterbeans and leave for enough time to heat them up then your good to go.

I used a peeler to get long strips of courgette and carrot which I then steamed for about five minutes, but again depending how you like your veg, steam for longer or less time. (Also I actually don’t own a steamer at the minute so just put a bit of boiling water at the bottom of a normal pan with the veg in and a lid on it) Add a bit of Bouillion or veg stock if you want some extra flavour.

Steam the Curly kale/fresh greens.

Sprinkle over some pumpkin seeds at the end, or sesame, hemp, linseed – or go crazy and add ’em all!


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